Water Conservation and Science and Technology

Water conservation has one of the most common discussion topics in recent times. The truth is the problems facing the earth due to lack of sufficient clean water are a result of human activities. Deforestation, exhaustion of rivers and lakes and release of chemicals to the atmosphere are some of the causes for this. Seeing that we are the cause of the problem we should then strive to be part of the solution. In recent years more and more people have joined the fight to conserve water. One way that we are doing that is through science and technology.

Water Conservation

Ways in which Science and Technology contributes to water conservation

Application of science and technology to solve problems in the sector is a major way that most countries are approaching this problem.

1. Before most developed nations conducted their irrigation by means of overhead irrigation.

This method led to lots of water to be sprayed into the air and blown away. Water blew away benefited no one but continued to drain our water reservoirs. The introduction of drip irrigation to replace overhead irrigation results in an irrigation efficiency of from 50% to 95%. Farmers only use the water that their farms demands very little of it goes to waste.

2. Water treating, science, and technology have introduced ways of treating waste water.

Though treated water is not used in households, this water can be used by farmers in their farmers. Treated water is rich in minerals for the plants and it helps cut down the consumption of clean water. This steps leads to conservation of the water towers and boost in crop production.

3. Leak detection technology is a new way of detecting water leakages even deep in the ground.

Previously water pipes leakages in the ground could go for years without being sealed. This lead to a lot of water to be wasted in the process. Today’s technology ensures that all water that is piped goes to the desired destination. Sealing these leaky pipes helps cut down the water that previously went to waste.

Importance of water conservation

1. Applying water conservation techniques saves us from using more money to get clean water from other sources.

2. Conserving water will give endangered species a chance to survive

3. Conserving water helps to save energy

4. Water conservation can help avoid occurrence of sinkholes