Methods to Purify and Soften Water without Excessive Chemicals

You have probably heard the term “Water is Life”! It is nodoubt true because we cannot imagine our existence on this planet without water. The water softening process involves the conversion of hard water into soft water by removing minerals which bring about the hardness. Minerals such as magnesium and calcium have been identified as the ones that cause water hardness. During the softening process, these minerals and also iron minerals are removed.

The hard water causes water pipes to get clogged and makes soaps and detergents less dissolvent in water. Water softening in general overview is beneficial in the maintenance of household appliances such as boilers, laundry machines, and water pipes among others. But water for drinking is essential that it be thoroughly clean because impurities in water can lead to serious health problems.

Water Softening

There is the process of reverse osmosis filtration that uses a material with tiny pores so as to give particle free water as much as possible. But the best water filtration method you can use at home is a combination system of two methods, that is, Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) process and the Granular activated carbon that ensures that the disease-causing organisms in the water are ultimately killed. When filtering, do not just run the water through the filtering medium and start drinking. Make sure the pathogens are killed.

Filtration by use of Granular activated carbon to attract away the harmful particles is the best way forward. As the water passes through carbon, harmful chemicals such as excess chlorine, which is very common in municipal waters, are removed. Another similar method would be to employ the use of water softeners.

Hard water is usually that water which contains either, Calcium, Magnesium or both. The best way to soften such water is by replacing the ions of Calcium and magnesium with sodium. This can be done by use of water filter cartridges that contain zeolite to do the replacement. It is the fixed between the water supply and water outlet which is then whole house water filters through it and gets purified.

Lastly, safe water is expensive, but curing diseases is even more expensive. It is, however, cheaper if you use it to soften water for other domestic uses other than drinking. Then you can employ the more expensive but sure techniques to purify drinking water as it is more sensitive in matters to do with health.