What Can Be Done to Promote Afforestation

Afforestation is the planting of trees, either by siblings or seeds in places where there is no forest, generally for commercial purpose. Afforestation is capable of slowing down soil erosion as well as desertification. Green zones and forested areas are necessary since trees consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen that we need. Afforestation can be

Basic Ideas On How To Make the World Eco-friendly

Being eco-friendly is about how you conduct yourself and how much apprehension you have about the atmosphere around you. Your actions and feelings about being eco-friendly go beyond thinking and are measured by actual practices. To turn off the lights from the room when you leave it or to sort out garbage for effective recycling

Water Conservation and Science and Technology

Water conservation has one of the most common discussion topics in recent times. The truth is the problems facing the earth due to lack of sufficient clean water are a result of human activities. Deforestation, exhaustion of rivers and lakes and release of chemicals to the atmosphere are some of the causes for this. Seeing